Nova Shepard (buggerthis22) wrote in rejectedpoets,
Nova Shepard

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The Moment is Now

The Moment is Now
This is the time. This is my moment.
I live for each day. Moment to moment.
I will fight for love. I will fight for life.
I will fight.

I will stand in this ring and win what is mine.
A title, a heart, a life with pride.
I will leave victorious, glorious.
I will live for now, and nothing else.
I will fight.

This is my time.
I live for the moment.
That moment is now.
Note: I know it's not fantastic by any means lol... it's mostly just a tribute to Jeff Hardy... Poor dude... I refuse to watch Smackdown now... Jeff, it will never be the same without you. You ROCK!
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