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I've thought of the blunder.
And I refuse to fall a sunder.
To the embers I will surrender, my flesh aching so tenderly.
I can't begin to breathe through the smoke.
The dust.
The claims.
The words that strike the shame.
The thoughts.
The blame.
All of which are bound to the same ignorance.
All that hides behind the claims of innocence.
The independence from rational thought.
So you brought.
All the things that caught us in the dark.
So don't start.
I'm not the target anymore.
I'll be gone, out that door.
Just give me a few more nights.
For the fight.
I'll need some sight of the road ahead.
So don't think you can take me away instead.
I'll shed.
All the remnants of this place.
I'll lose myself in some other space.
Where the souls don't taste so rotten.
So forgotten.
So completely understood.
So forebodding.
So forbidding.
All to hide their writhing.
They're writing, their conniving.
Their pure corruptive glance.
Their dance.
That chains you to your spot.
To rot.

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