the lost & frozen (wiltings) wrote in rejectedpoets,
the lost & frozen

Do something else.

You know you can do anything
Even though I don’t really like to admit that
Though the words still say ‘no’
It’s like a charm knowing what’s coming next
This time you’re in charge
It’s your turn now to decide
Who gets to watch movies, do their homework
Make the most noise so all the town
Hears, screams and shouts at the home with
Broken windows with spaces in between
Glass glinting in the iredescent light
reflecting a thousand frozen
Lost, ice-cubed dreams
You call the shots
make up your mind
Who gets their wishes fulfilled and who
Would be the one to sit out in the cold and
Cry all damn bloody night
Because you’re mean, because you don’t do what I say
And convince myself you don’t really care about anaesthesia
Or die trying anyway
Who’ll go to the carnival, who gets the stench of oil in their mouths
Laughing coughing choking
When the hand of God scatters stars about a black canvas
Because it’s now or nothing
Never doesn’t mean forever though FOB says so
As two shadows are darker than one lonely fellow
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